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EMS Flight Safety Network is The People Who Keep Air Medical Safe

  • EMTs  |  Medics  |  Nurses
  • Pilots |   Firefighters  |  ER Staff
  • Security  |   RRTs  |   Trauma Doctors
  • Landing Zone Coordinators  |  Dispatchers
  • Specialty Transport Teams  |  Flight Surgeons  
  • Flight Communication Specialists | Mechanics | Chaplains
  • Police | Fire Police | CNAs | NICU Nurses | Retirees | Veterans
  • The Family, Friends & Coworkers Who Support These Professionals 

    What We Do...

    We make great-looking clothing, jewelry, and survival gear for the entire EMSFSN Team. We teach a proven system to transition from ground to air medical careers.


    How We Do It... 

        1. Training, Blogs & eBooks
        2. EMSFSN Store
        3. EMSFSN Facebook Community - Click Here
        4. Crew Newsletter - Click Here 

    Why We Do It...

    Teamwork saves lives.

    For a second, imagine the worst. A moment of inattention causes your car to veer off the road and lose control. One second everything is fine, the next moment your entire world is upside down in a ditch. Everything that matters is at stake - your spouse, your children, your life.

    The good news is EMS Flight Safety Network is standing by to help you and your family. Special people doing special jobs.

    What Others Say About Us:

    • Image of Missy Kapral

      Thank you! I Love Love Love my Fly Like a Girl T-shirt! Keep up the great work. ~Retired Flight Nurse, Melbourne FL - Missy Kapral

    • Image of Anthony Hunt

      Great Shirts! Great Gear! Great Quality! These guys make the best EMS/Fire/Flight Clothing and Gear. ~EMT, Flight Medic, Fan - Anthony Hunt

    • Image of Tammy Forbes

      I love my shirts almost as much as being a Flight Nurse! Awesome designs. ~Flight Nurse, RN, CEN, NREMT, Air Evac Lifeteam - Tammy Forbes

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